Isotopes Services International

The transportation of radioactive and sensitive products.

isotopes transport logitics

Isotopes Services International
Just in time services

Fully aware of our customers’ needs, we provide high quality and “just in time” distribution services.

We focus in particular on radioactive radiopharmaceutical transports.

Thanks to our high skilled drivers and with the support of our great partners, we can insure 24 hours distribution in the Benelux, and 24-48 hours distribution within Europe.

Isotopes Services International
Logistic services

ISI also provides warehousing, pick & pack services, quality control, reporting.

We focus in particular in storage of radiopharmaceutical, isotopes and all related packaging requirements, marking & labeling of packages, documentation and emergency procedures.


Isotopes Services International
Air freight and airline charter services

As a European gateway, ISI provides air transport from Brussels airport throughout the entire world.

We tailor-made charter flights for radiopharmaceuticals, and take care for our customers of all complex regulations such as ADR, IATA, ICAO, etc.

We also organize challenging shipments combining roads, air and rail transports when needed. We can also manage all customs related requirement for our customers.

Isotopes Services International
Control Tower

For high stake shipments, we offer :

  • End-to-end visibility and control, visibility over the order, drivers, cargo and third party logistics partners.
  • Real time tracking.
  • Data analytics –  To efficiently direct the field workforce and last-mile delivery to their intended destinations, speeding up the delivery process while maintaining the quality of the delivery process.
  • Notifications and alerts on-the-go – To quickly have the possibility to resolve disruptions before they disrupt your business.
  • Real time decision-making – To activate Plan B, backups, an alternative solutions.

Isotopes Services International
Transport and distribution

Isotopes Services International provides following transport and distribution services:
  • Radioactive transport
  • Temp. Controlled transport
  • 24H distribution in the Benelux
  • 24-48H distribution in Europe
  • Line-hauls throughout Europe
  • Just in time delivery
  • Specialist in radiopharma distribution
  • 35 temperature controlled vehicles with lead protection and GPRS communication
  • 47 well trained ADR class 7 drivers
  • Competent sub-contractors
  • 24 / 7 service
  • Instant POD – Tracking & Tracing
  • Temperature logging
  • Monthly performance reporting
This service is dedicated to customers of the RLG group that we invite to email to get their individual and confidential access codes.