Isotopes Services International

Specialized in just in time, same and next day deliveries.   

Isotopes Services International
Who are we?

The Belgian company Isotopes Services International (ISI) joined the Radiopharma Logistics Group in September 2017.

Acquire during difficult times for the company, it has since then engaged a spectacular rebirth, relocating closer to the Brussel airport hub, and progressively refocusing on its historical core expertise; the transport of sensitive goods and radiopharmaceutical products.

Specialized in just in time, same and next day deliveries, ISI has built over the last decades a robust expertise and a partner’s network providing high quality services to its customers all over Europe and the world.

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Isotopes Services International
Safety and quality first

Safety and quality are at the heart of our company identity and we strictly respect all applicable regulations.

Moreover, our unique localisation system allows us and our numerous customers to track their package on real time.

We are:

  • Certified ISO 9001 version 2015
  • Certified by Belgium Civil Aviation Authorities as Known Consignor (KC)
  • Certified by Belgium FANC to store and transport radiopharmaceuticals and industrial isotopes
  • Licensed for radioactive transportation in Europe

We have:

  •  Licenced and trained ADR Class 7 drivers
  • Licenced and trained IATA and ADR staff

Isotopes Services International
Commitment to excellence

Our group leader totalizes decades of experience in the radioactive and sensitives transport and distribution field.

Based on this core expertise, we commit to provide our customers with an excellent service, fully aligned with the Radio Pharma Logistics Group standards.

Our qualified and dedicated team is fully operational and will support our customers in the completion of their logistics challenge over Europe and globally.

ISI has also obtained the “Certification of Achievement” delivered by EITA (the European Isotopes Transport Association).


Isotopes Services International

  • Licensed warehousing and transport of radioactive products
  • Authority with regards to legislation of dangerous goods logistics
  • Founding member of the European Isotopes Transport Association (EITA)
  • ISO 9001: 2015 certified
  • ISI, your partner for world wide distribution of pharmaceuticals, biological, diagnostics & radioactive products
  • Reliability, Efficiency and Safety
This service is dedicated to customers of the RLG group that we invite to email to get their individual and confidential access codes.